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Our Story

Townsville Art Academy is founded by Mere King, a local illustrator and freelance visual artist based here in Townsville. 

Growing up she loved art and the process of creating, but there were no programs in her area for such things. Thats why we are dedicated to bringing a strong after school and holiday program to the young artists of Townsville. 

We are committed to nurturing the artistic minds of tomorrow and strive to ensure that no artist is left behind.


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What does our program cover?

Term 3


Junior school focuses on the fundamentals of illustration and design. Your child will be guided through lessons on ratios, proportions, how to tell a story in their drawings, how to use references, and much more to help build a strong foundation for their artistic career. 

Students will also be put to the challenge in a supportive and encouraging environment to help build their confidence and imaginative ability with their creativity. We do this by hosting various challenge based weeks throughout the term. We find the students really enjoy these weeks and are always asking for more. 

Term 3

Seniors and Beyond

This class has a more in depth approach to the fundamentals than the junior group. With inclusions like colour theory, measurements of a page, rule of thirds, proportioning and more in depth illustrative storytelling, seniors and adults will be able to refine their skills and hone in on what they truly want to get out of their artistic career. 

This class also has access to more mature supplies such as gouache paints, professional grade watercolours, professional pencils and more one on one tutoring and guidance, students will be able to practice and refine their favourite medium and their own personal art style. 


Timeline & Process

After School Programs

Townsville Art Academy offers dedicated after school programs during the Government school term. Students attend once a week for 1 hour and learn the skills, techniques and confidence that they need to thrive as an artist. 

Classes are divided into 2 groups, junior school (ages 6 - 12) and senior & adults (ages13+). Please ensure you choose the right booking timetable for you or your child's age. 

If you feel your child would benefit from being put into a group that is outside of their age bracket, please contact our team to organise placement. 

Image by Maryna Kazmirova

Admissions Process

Apply online through our bookings portal to secure your child's spot. Classes are capped at 10 students per session so be sure to be mindful of what time slot you book. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

Academic Requirements

Students must be of school age. We currently do not offer classes to anyone younger than 6 years of age. 

Kid drawing
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